House, Trance, Underground and Electronic Dance Music

Artist Biography

DJ Nicson

Missing the days of Vinyl yet appreciating the modern age of technology Nicson has been spinning tunes for a couple of decades, he prides himself on precision and selection always having the music available to continuously drive the dance floor.

Oria and Oria Sounds were created by Dj Nicson who has an incredible passion for House and Trance Music, and also Rock, Metal, Blues and Acid Jazz. Skilled in EDM production but also as a musician music has been somewhat of a pleasurable obsession.

Music is one of the most abundant mediums for distributing and artist’s thoughts, ideas and emotions. Oria and the expression of the emotions towards the world at hand are clearly demonstrated with some of the melodies being created.

"Music unites people, when you have melodies or phrases that people love there are momentary bonds on a dance floor"

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